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Courtesy call – Designated Ambassador, Sultanate of Oman to the Designated Minister

The Designated Ambassador, H.E. Saud Bin Hilal al Shidhani, paid a Courtesy Call on the Designated Minister, Responsible for Fisheries and the Blue Economy – Mr. Jean Francois Ferrari.

Seychelles and Ghana are looking forward to expanding their cooperation in the fisheries sector. This was discussed during a courtesy call on Tuesday 22nd August, 2023 at the Ministry of Fisheries and the Blue Economy at Maison Collet.

H.E. Saud Bin Hilal al Shidhani was accompanied by Mr. Frank Hoareau – Honorary Consul of Oman in Seychelles and Third Secretary of the Bilateral Affairs Division at Foreign Affairs Department, Mr. James Carpin.

From the Seychelles in attendance with the Minister was Miss. Gabriella Gonthier, Senior International Cooperation Officer. 

Minister Ferrari highlighted the shared characteristics of both Seychelles and Oman as coastal states. He emphasized the significance of comprehending the challenges and opportunities that arise from their coastal status.

Minister Ferrari expressed deep admiration for Oman’s progress and shared his experiences visiting the country. He also witnessed fin fish farming in Oman and was reassured that Seychelles has potential in commercialization of aquaculture.

During the discussions, Minister Ferrari emphasized the immense potential for investment in Seychelles for Oman. To emphasize this point, he provided concrete examples of Omani enterprises that are presently providing valuable assistance to Seychelles, specifically through their engagement in knowledge-based ventures; a notable instance is Blue Waters.

Minister Ferrari also extended his congratulations to the Sultanate of Oman on the successful launch of their inaugural tuna vessel. He emphasized the importance of Seychelles and Oman sharing their best practices with one another, highlighting the valuable lessons that can be learned from this collaboration.

The conversation between His Excellency Saud Bin Hilal al Shidhani and Minister Ferrari focused on the pivotal responsibility of completing and officially signing the Memorandum of Understanding between Oman and Seychelles.

Both parties discussed the potential for collaboration in the booming blue economy sector, brimming with endless opportunities for both states.

It was mentioned that the relations between Oman and Seychelles should not be limited to a mere contractual basis. Instead, it was suggested that they should strive to establish a partnership that would bring mutual benefits and uplift both countries. HE Saud Bin Hilal al Shidhani also expressed the idea of having an office in Seychelles proudly displaying the flag of Oman, symbolizing the strong bond between the two nations.

In conclusion, after a highly productive meeting, Minister Ferrari inquired about the availability of old maps from Oman that feature Seychelles. These valuable maps would greatly contribute to an upcoming initiative scheduled for November 2023; to which has potential to go international if successful regionally.