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Courtesy Call between Charge D’affairs of the Chinese Embassy with the Minister for Fisheries and the Blue Economy

Seychelles and China are enthusiastic about strengthening their collaboration in the Blue Economy. The meeting between Mr. Mu Jianfeng, the Charge d’affaires of the Chinese Embassy, and Minister for Fisheries and the Blue Economy, Jean-Francois Ferrari, provided a platform to discuss this matter.

 Mr. Jianfeng was joined by Mr. Liu Junsheng, Chief of the Economic and Commercial Office, and Ms. Li Na, Director of the Political Section. Ms Gabriella Gonthier International Cooperation Officer, was also present during this meeting.

China has been supporting Seychelles diplomatically since 1977, and the two countries have made significant progress in their bilateral discussions. The meeting covered a multitude of topics. The Chinese officials informed the Minister about the upcoming China Indian-Ocean Rim Forum on development and cooperation, which will be held in Beijing from October 17th to 18th, 2023. The participation and support of Seychelles in this important event were discussed. The forum is ready to explore a broad spectrum of subjects, such as promoting collaboration for the oceans, fostering a sustainable blue economy, and driving scientific and innovative progress, just to mention a few.

During the COFA agreement discussion, Mr. Jian Feng explored the potential for Chinese vessels to engage in fishing activities in Seychelles. Minister Ferrari clarified that at the moment, it is impossible to reach a decision until the agreement has been properly finalized. The Chinese counterpart expressed how they would like Minister Ferrari to meet with the Chinese Fisheries Association.

The Chinese counterpart recently discussed the opportunity to collaborate on the museum of maritime with the minister, proving its feasibility.

The Minister concluded the meeting by emphasizing once again the crucial role of collaboration in fostering the growth of the Blue Economy sector.