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Communication Strategy and Implementation Plan 2023

The Seychelles’ Department of the Blue Economy (DBE) with funding support from the European Union, under the Long-term technical assistance to support the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) implementation in Seychelles has today launched the Department’s ‘Communication Strategy and Implementation Plan 2023’.

The DBE has as its objective to support the sustainable development and management of the Seychelles’ ocean-based resources while promoting economic growth, social development, and environmental protection. To help the department in this regard, the Communication Strategy aims to raise awareness and understanding of the Seychelles’ blue economy agenda through the building of partnerships and collaborations so that actions can be mobilized towards ocean-based sustainable development in Seychelles.

In view that the Seychelles Blue Economy is multi-sectorial, multifaceted and faces specific challenges, and opportunities in its implementation, the Department of the Blue Economy will have to work across sectors and in collaboration and partnerships with various stakeholders across government, private sector entities, and civil society organizations. Such sectors include fisheries, aquaculture, maritime transport, marine renewable energy, and tourism, to develop targeted actions and strategies that support the sustainable use of ocean resources.

The implementation of the Communication Strategy will be done using a targeted approach of the difference audience that has been identified. This will be through key messages targeting key audiences through specific channels, and tactics to ensure that the Blue Economy messages are received by all stakeholders and the general population.