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Courtesy call – African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) to the Republic of Seychelles to the Designated Minister

After a 2-day workshop at Savoy Resort & Spa, APRM and Ministry of Fisheries & Blue Economy had a courtesy call. The meeting took place at Maison Colett on Thursday, August 10th, 2023.

The APRM delegation consisted of Professor Eddy Maloka (CEO), Dr Rachel Mukamunana (Director of Country Review and Assessment), Ms Diana Demba (APRM Country Coordinator), Mr Batlokoa Makong (Chief of Staff APRM), and Mrs Patricia Ilunga (Third Secretary, Foreign Affairs Department).

Ms. Gabriella Gonthier, the International Cooperation Officer, accompanied Minister Ferrari, who is responsible for Fisheries and the Blue Economy,

Seychelles has recently joined the ranks of African Union member states by becoming the 40th country to accede to the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM). In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the APRM Process within the country, a workshop has been organized to actively involve stakeholders and provide them with comprehensive guidance. This significant event aims to empower and re-energize APRM countries in implementing their national governance review process since their accession to the mechanism.

Minister Ferrari warmly greeted the APRM team, emphasizing that Seychelles takes pride in its exceptional contributions to environmental preservation and the promotion of democracy.

The APRM and the minister both agreed that good governance leads to economic prosperity and social well-being.

Minister Ferrari emphasized that Seychelles excels in various areas, including Blue Economy, Conservation, and fisheries. He highlighted Seychelles’ willingness to lead by example and share its best practices.

FITI is one of the numerous initiatives led by the Department of Blue Economy, as emphasized by the minister. FITI is a commendable effort aimed at promoting effective governance and transparency within the Seychelles Fisheries Sector. The minister expressed his desire for Seychelles to become the world’s leading example of transparency in the fisheries sector.

The APRM advised Seychelles to implement effective APRM mechanisms that will serve as a robust Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system, providing valuable guidance to the country’s progress on the right course.

Lastly, Minister Ferrari emphasized the significance of involving small island developing states (SIDS) in upcoming forums. He suggested that it would be highly beneficial for APRM to create a Multi Vulnerability Index (MVI) that can serve as a common reference for these small islands, enabling them to share best practices among themselves.

The meeting concluded with APRM and Minister Ferrari expressing their confidence that Seychelles has the potential to become an outstanding role model in the region.