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The ministerial conference on the circular economy of the African and Indian Ocean Developing Island States (AIODIS)

The Indian Ocean Commission (COI) organized a Ministerial Conference on the Circular Economy at the Caudan Arts Center from September 18th to 21st, 2023.

Prior to the ministerial meeting, a two-day working session took place. The Department was well-represented by Mr. Chrissant Barbe, the Director General, and Ms. Gabriella Gonthier, the Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer.

Minister Ferrari, attended the Ministerial Meeting and represented Seychelles.


The conference discussed the Circular economy, environmental education for children and Greening of ports.

The minister had the opportunity to intervene in several panel discussions where he emphasized crucial points regarding economic integration in the curriculum. He proposed that environmental education should expand its focus beyond conservation and preservation of the environment, as that approach has been implemented in the past. Furthermore, he strongly suggested the establishment of an extensive data repository encompassing details about every regional project and contact. By utilizing this repository, the different regions can effectively collaborate, bridging any existing gaps and creating a strong network for sharing knowledge.