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The Department of Blue Economy partners with the Blue Economy Research Institute (BERI) for a Sensitisation and Awareness Event

The Department of Blue Economy partnered with the Blue Economy Research Institute (BERI) on Friday 21st October for a Sensitisation and Awareness event based on research principles at the UniSey Auditorium, Anse Royale, ahead of the arrival of the Monaco Expedition to the port of Victoria.

The main aim of this event was to encourage the youth of Seychelles to understand more about ‘Research & Development’ and why it is important for Seychelles and the Blue Economy.

The Principal Information and Communication Officer of the Department of Blue Economy, Ms. Elna Etienne stated that “through ocean exploration, we can collect data and information needed to address both current and emerging science and management needs. Exploration helps to ensure that ocean resources are not just managed, but managed in a sustainable way, so those resources are around for future generations to enjoy.”

Students from the School of Advanced Level Studies and the Seychelles Maritime Academy were able to learn more about some basic research that can be carried out in the ocean and they also got the chance to take part in a visit to the research center/lab of BERI to better understand the research work being undertaken in the blue economy space of Seychelles.

A total of 3 presenters were able to share their experiences with the youth during the event; Ms. Sylvanna Antat, the Director of BERI, Ms. Annie Vidot, a Fisheries Scientist at the Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA) and Ms. Bianca Marzocchi, a BSc Environmental Science graduate.