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Mr. Jean-Francois Ferrari

Minister for Fisheries and Blue Economy

The Honorable Minister, Mr. Jean-Francois Ferrari was born on the 27th of February 1960, at Anse Royale.
Mr. Ferrari has been a political activist since 1992. He is a founding member of Parti Seselwa, the first political party to be registered following the return to multi-party politics in 1993.

After completing his secondary education at the Seychelles College in 1978, Minister Ferrari was admitted to l’Universite de Provence, studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Upon his return to Seychelles, he joined the Ministry of Education, joining the National Youth Service as a Staff Training Officer. In 1986 he returned to l’Universite de Provence to do a Master’s degree in Education Science.

Between 1993 and 2013, Minister Ferrari worked in the media profession and was the Publisher and Assistant Editor of the Regar Newspaper, a weekly publication.

Minister Ferrari was nominated by his political party to become a Proportional Member of the 3rd National Assembly of Seychelles.

In 2007 he was elected as a Member of the 4th National Assembly for the District of Mont Fleuri for the SNP. In September 2016, he was again elected to represent the District of Mont Fleuri, this time under the banner of Linyon Demokratik Seselwa.

Minister Ferrari was also the Chairperson of the International Affairs Standing Committee (IAC) and a Member of the Finance & Public Accounts Standing Committee. He became the Chief Whip of the Opposition Party on the 6th March 2018.

Mr Ferrari was appointed in the position of Designated Minister and Minister for Fisheries and the Blue Economy on 3rd November 2020.

Minister. Ferrari has great interest in Law, Philosophy and Politics.