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Monaco Expedition shares experience and outcome of the Indian Ocean Mission.

On Thursday 2nd February 2023, at the SITE Auditorium, Mont Fleuri, the Blue Economy Department in collaboration with the Monaco Expedition held a presentation to showcase the outcome of the Monaco mission in the Indian Ocean to invited guests and the general public.

The Monaco Indian Ocean Expedition recently took place in October-November 2022, a partnership between Seychelles, Mauritius and Monaco to explore the Saya de Malha Banks within the Joint Management Area (JMA), Aldabra and Saint Brandon.

A group of young Seychellois had the opportunity to participate in the 1st and 2nd leg of the mission. During the presentation, Ms. Corianna Julie and Ms. Veronique Banana from the Seychelles Island Foundation (SIF), Mrs. Mariette dine a local Entrepreneur, Ms. Bianca Mazorcchi a student at UNISERY (BERI) and Mr. Rodney Bonne, a Marine Researcher at the Seychelles Parks and Gardens Authority (SPGA) shared their experiences and also the impact this has had on them professionally and the work they are currently doing.

Dr. Robert Calcagno C.E.O of the Oceanographic Institute Foundation Albert I, Prince of Monaco and Dr. Francis Marsac provided the audience with an overview and the scientific results of the mission.

During the presentation the Seychellois participants who took part in the 1st and 2nd leg of the mission was also recognized for their participation and were each presented with a certificate signed by Minster Jean-François Ferrari, Minister for Fisheries and Blue Economy and Dr. Robert Calcagno.

During the event, the idea of setting up a ‘Seychelles Scientist Society’ was presented by Ms. Annie Vidot who explained that this initiation stems from the participants themselves following their experiences during the mission. Young scientist from across all scientific fields are being encouraged to form part of this society.

In his closing remarks Dr. Calcagno expressed his gratitude to the republic of Seychelles and the Ministry of Fisheries and the Blue Economy for the collaboration and looks forward for another mission in the Indian Ocean.

Minister Jean-François Ferrari, expressed his enthusiasm to the young Seychellois participants and reiterated the support of his Ministry in supporting such endeavours that allows young Seychellois to grow and develop, especially in the scientific field there is a need for more Seychellois to be trained.

In attendance were also Minister Justin Valentin, Minister for Education, Ambassador Kenneth Racombo, Ambassador Olivia Berkeley-Christmann the French Ambassador for Seychelles, and also former Vice President Mr. Vincent Meriton.