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Seychelles is collaborating with the Fisheries Transparency Initiative (FiTI), a global multi-stakeholder partnership that supports countries in managing its marine fisheries resources sustainably by enhancing transparency and multi-stakeholder participation.

Like many other countries, Seychelles faces a complex challenge: ensuring that fishing and fish trade contribute to income, employment, food and nutrition for millions of its people, while also conserving marine biodiversity for future generations. While there are many aspects to achieve sustainable fisheries, the public accessibility of information is essential to good governance.

Transparency has become a cornerstone of Seychelles’ endeavours to transit towards a sustainable ocean economy. It is a core principle of the ‘Blue Economy: Strategic Policy Framework and Roadmap’ (2018-2030) which guides the Ministry of Fisheries and Blue Economy. The collaboration with the FiTI is a step further in the Ministry’s continuous efforts to make fisheries management more transparent and inclusive.

Our partnership with the FiTI, established since 2015, enables the Ministry of Fisheries and Blue Economy, as well as all interested stakeholders, to continuously increase the quality and credibility of national fisheries management information available to the public. This is achieved by annual evaluations against the FiTI Standard, the only internationally recognised framework that defines what information on fisheries should be published online by public authorities! The results of this evaluation are published in an annual FiTI Report.

Through our collaboration with the FiTI, we have access to a myriad of tools that embrace transparency and allow progress made in the fisheries sector to be showcased widely in our yearly FiTI reports. Notably, Seychelles is first country in the world to have submitted a report to the FiTI. The report is compiled by the Seychelles FiTI National Multi-Stakeholder Group – a diverse body made up of 12 representatives, equally distributed among government, business and civil society. Through this inclusive process, it is ensured that the information featured in the FiTI Report is seen as unbiased and reliable.

Enhancing transparency in fisheries management yields many benefits for Seychelles. This includes the enhancement of our capacity to manage fisheries sustainably, based on best available information; raising the appreciation of the socio-economic contributions of fisheries; boosting market access, seafood sourcing and investments; preventing the spread of rumours and misinformation; or deterring illicit activities, such as corruption and illegal fishing. It also supports the streamlining of various reporting requirements (e.g. to national stakeholders, to RFMOs etc.) in a consolidated manner, eventually driving down transaction costs.

Seychelles is also the host country of the International Secretariat of the FiTI.

To learn more about the Fisheries Transparency Initiative and the benefits of transparency for fisheries management, visit the FiTI website Here.