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Department of Blue Economy receives Malagasy Delegation

On Monday 30th January, 2023 the Department of Blue Economy welcomed a Malagasy Delegation that is currently undertaking a working visit in Seychelles.

In 2018, the African Union declared Seychelles as the Champion for the Development of the Blue Economy in Africa at the Extraordinary Session of the Assembly. As a result of this, Seychelles has the mandate to advocate for the sustainable development of the blue economy for the whole African continent.

The Malagasy Delegation wishes to learn from Seychelles’ best practices in the field of Blue Economy and also, better understand how to implement these efforts into their own Blue Economy agenda. Thus far the delegation has met with several stakeholders such as the Department of Environment, SeyCCAT and Department of Tourism.

The collaboration and partnership between the Department of Blue Economy and the Malagasy Delegation has not only strengthened the bilateral relationship between Seychelles and Madagascar, but it has also paved the way for future collaborations and exchanges.