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Completion of Excavation work to open the channel at Anse La Mouche

The Ministry of Fisheries and the Blue Economy (MFBE) and the Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA) is delighted to confirm that excavation work to open the channel at Anse La Mouche, has been successfully completed.

The ground work started in January 2022, to create an all-tide access of 20.0m width, 2.0m deep and 275m long for a total of 9000m³ of material, for fishers and other users of the area. However, as the excavation progressed, another 30m was dregded to allow for even better access for fishermen. Some 18, 000m³ of coral fill has been excavated and stock pilled on the beach at Anse La Mouche.

This demand to open up the channel in that area was brought forward to the MFBE and SFA by the fishers and boat owners of Anse La Mouche, through their association, concerning the difficulty to load and unload their vessels during low tide.

Following site visits and various consultations between SFA, the fishers, representatives of the Anse La Mouche Fishers Association, Department of Environment, Seychelles Maritime Safety Authority, Ministry of Lands and Housing, the Member of the National Assembly and the District Administrator, it was agreed that some excavation work needed to be conducted, to open the channel and create an all-tide access.

The main aim is to facilitate the lives and activities of primarily fishers in the area and promote growth of fishing and other related spillover activities.

Following the tender process that was carried for this project, UCPS was awarded the contract to carry out the excavation work at a cost of SCR 2,285,514.00. This project has been completed within the expected time frame.

It was agreed by MFBE, SFA and the Department of Environment at the start of the project that the excavated materials from the channel will be stockpiled and thereafter be used to reinforce eroded beach areas.

However, following discussions with all stakeholders concerned, a joint decision has be taken to donate and assist local communities with some of the excavated coral fill, upon request.

Residents of the Anse Boileau and Baie Lazare districts can request assistance for coral fill through their respective District Administrators, who will then evaluate their request based on merit. SFA will also be assisting other government departments with coral fill for community based projects, notably the Department of Environment, the Seychelles Land Transport Authority (SLTA) and the Public Utilities Company (PUC).

Furthermore, two other private entities will also benefit from this material, which will be sold to them. One of these private entities is the company developing the new hotel project at Anse La Mouche.

Members of the public are advised to take all necessary precaution when approaching the newly dredged channel. SFA has already installed demarcation buoys around the area to ensure the safety and security of all users of the Anse la Mouche beach.