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Blue Economy represented at Sustainable Island Forum

The Sustainable Island Forum was held in Madeira, Portugal on June 22nd-23rd, 2023. It was an in-person gathering that aimed to uncover the enormous potential of sustainable ocean-based industries. Present at the event were Terrence Crea, Principal Programme Development Officer, and Kim Samy, Assistant Programme Development Officer, both from the Blue Economy Department. The event fostered dialogue among participants, which emphasized the crucial elements in constructing a sustainable blue economy for the future.

Throughout the two-day assignment, the two representatives from Seychelles effectively communicated the nation’s efforts in advancing the blue economy initiative, highlighting the various programs and projects currently underway. Furthermore, they discussed Seychelles’ groundbreaking financing methods and the successful JMA demonstration project between Seychelles and Mauritius, which serves to emphasize the importance of island collaboration in ensuring the sustainable management of ocean resources among neighboring islands.

The Department of Blue Economy also held talks with Mr. James Ellsmoor, Founder and CEO of Island Innovation, to explore their initiatives and identify potential ways in which Seychelles can leverage their expertise for the advancement of its Blue economy.

Due to the invaluable support from the SWIOFish3 program, which was funded by the World Bank, the Department of Blue Economy had the opportunity to demonstrate the immense significance of the Blue Economy during the event.